Welcome to Ancient City Pool Doctors. 

Our goal is to make sure your pool is a safe sparkling oasis. We take pride in our work and believe every one deserves the highest quality care for their investment. Our customers have peace of mind knowing AC Pool Doctors service technicians are certified pool operators that treat every pool as if it were their own.

Ancient City Pool Doctors performs a complete water analysis every trip to verify all chemical levels. 

These results allow us to prescribe the proper treatment for your perfectly balanced pool.  Maintaining proper pool water balance is crucial to ensuring the safety of swimmers and longevity of your pool equipment.  Without the proper water balance your pool can quickly develop problems causing irritated skin, red eye and damage to hair. These conditions can cause expensive wear on pool surfaces and equipment due to scaling or high acidity. Ancient City Pool Doctors are specifically trained to resolve these situations giving you piece of mind every time you and your family go for a swim.